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We take care of your baggage – on your entire trip

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Now it’s even easier for you to travel from Sonderborg and out in the world. Alsie Express have signed an interline agreement with SAS, which means you can check in with us in Sonderborg – and we will ensure that your baggage arrives safely at your final SAS destination.

If you are flying on from Copenhagen with SAS, you can now check your baggage in at Sonderborg Airport, and pick it up again at your final SAS destination. This is a huge improvement from earlier, when you had to pick up your baggage at the domestic terminal in Copenhagen, transport it into the international terminal, check your baggage in again and pick up your boarding pass, etc.

Now you only have to show your Alsie Express and SAS tickets in Sonderborg, and you won’t have to think about your baggage again, before you arrive in Rome, New York, or where in the world you are headed. The same applies, of course, when you travel back to Sonderborg.

And it gets better – The Interline Agreement falls into two steps. The first step is the ability to check your baggage and get boarding pass for your entire trip at Sonderborg Airport. This part of the agreement is launched on Nov. 25, 2014.

The second step is that you directly on SAS website can book your complete travel in one ticket, for example between Sonderborg and Tokyo. We expect this part of the agreement to be rolled out early 2015.

So far we have focused on ensuring the Interline Agreement with SAS, because this gives you easier access to a variety of destinations worldwide. With this agreement in place, we will work on getting new agreements with other airlines – so that the distance from Sonderborg to the rest of the world gets even shorter and far, far easier.

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  1. Hallo, when traveling from the USA to Sonderborg, it’s not possible to check my luggage or get a ticket for the trip from CPH to Sonderborg. I’ll be starting out with United airlines to go through either ORD, EWR or IAD airports and then from there with SAS to CPH. I’ll then have to pick up my luggage in CPH and go out and check it in again and get my boarding pass from CPH to Sonderborg. I have to go through security again. If Im lucky and the lines for check-in in CPH are not too long or security, I can my the flight to Sonderborg, but most of the times, I’m not that lucky. What do I tell United Airlines to get my luggage all the way to Sonderborg. They are telling me that there isn’t any agreement with them and that’s the reason they can help. Can this really be true?

    1. Hi Mikael,

      Thanks for the question, but I’m not sure I can give you a good answer before I know which tickets you have.
      Do you have one ticket for the fully trip (SAS?), seperate tickets or? What about the trip from CPH to SGD?

      In general, some of our passangers have had the same problem as you from various Airports. The main problem is that the check-in personal can’t find Alsie Express. That is because Alsie Express is operated by Air Alsie. So from last week we have added the following text to our tickets:

      Alsie Express is operated by Air Alsie A/S – prefix 6I.
      Please tell the check-in personel to look for 6I if you face any trouble.

      Maybe that can help you as well.

      Best regards
      Jan Jørgensen

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