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“Secret” tips for our passengers

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Baggage going on board the plane

Alsie Express is one of the airlines that allow you to hand over your baggage at the plane –”Delivery at Aircraft”.

Ask for a ”Delivery at Aircraft” baggage tag at the check-in at Sønderborg Airport or when boarding at the Copenhagen Airport. Place the tag on your baggage and hand it over at the plane – and take it with you when you leave the plane.

Naturally, this only applies to baggage that has passed through the security control scanner. It is important to emphasize that the rules regarding the contents of baggage marked ”Delivery at Aircraft” are the same as those applying to hand luggage. For example, sharp objects and liquid substances.

Tips for commuters

Passengers who only bring hand luggage can use the check-in terminals in Terminal 3 as well as Terminal 2.

All other baggage going on board Alsie Express flights is handled by SAS and should therefore be dropped off at the SAS Baggage Drop in Terminal 3.

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