Special baggage

Special baggage, which weight or form does not meet the prescribed baggage rules, is handled as special baggage.

Conditions for special baggage:

  • Skiing and snowboard equipment
    The weight on the skiing bag must not exceed 12 kg. The total amount of skiing equipment must not exceed 23 kg. The equipment is to be packed securely.
  • Golfing equipment
    Golfing equipment is to be packed in a golf bag and may include a maximum of 14 golf clubs and iron, 12 golf balls and one pair of golf shoes.
  • Bicycle
    Bicycles are to be packed in order that they do not damage or impose damage on to other baggage. This means that the handle bars of the bicycle are to be turned to align with the frame. The pedals are to be taken off; with the tyres to be deflated or aligned and the bicycle preferably to be packed in a bag.
  • Wheelchair
    Wheelchairs are always included free of charge, however, you should register your wheelchair by contacting Alsie Express at least 48 hours before departure so that we can provide you with the necessary assistance.
  • Diving gear
    Diving gear may include an entirely empty oxygen flask, a set of regulators, a vest, a mask, underwater flippers, snorkel and a lamp (without batteries).
  • Fishing equipment
    You may bring one rod in a bag or box as well as bait box and a angler bag or basket.
  • Water skis
    You may bring one pair of water skis or one wakeboard. The equipment should be securely packed.
  • Surfboards, kite boards or windsurfing
    Surfboard, kite board, and boom with any sails and other equipment is to be packed together in one bag of Max. length is 277 cm.
  • Musical instruments
    If your instrument meets the rules of normal baggage, you can just check it in at the counter or Baggage Drop, if any. However, always remember to pack the instrument in a hard-case. Musical instruments that do not exceed the measurements for hand baggage (55x40x23 cm up to 8 kg), may be carried in the cabin. Larger musical instruments are to be registered before departure by contacting Alsie Express. Cellos (and other expencive instruments) must be carried onboard in the cabin, and you will have to pay for an extra seat for the Cello.
  • Weapons
    There are very strict rules in connection with transport of weapons and ammunition. If you want to bring a weapon or ammunition, you therefore need to confirm in writing:

    • that you have a valid permit
    • that the weapon is not loaded
    • that the weapon is separated as much as it possibly can be
    • that the weapon and ammunition are packed in separate baggage
    • Note: if you need to bring weapons, you require to check-in a minimum of 2 hours before departure. You should also set aside some extra time in connection with further transport from connections airports. On arrival, you need to contact the staff to have your weapon handed out.


Special baggage that are NOT allowed:

  • Personal Movement Devices (PMD):
    Airwheel, Solowheel, Hoverboard, Segway, Mini-Segway og Balance Wheel.


The following types of special baggage do NOT need to be registered before departure:

  • Stroller/pram
    Stroller and pram is to be dropped off as normal baggage at check-in. Small strollers can also be handed over at the entry to the airplane. In the latter case, the staff will transport it in the cargo compartment and place it next to the airplane exit on arrival (freight is free of charge).
  • Child safety seat (Max. 65 x 45 x 40 cm)
    To be dropped off as normal baggage. If you wish to bring the safety seat on board, you need to book a seat for it, and you need to pay the same price for it as for a child between the ages of 2-12.

Fragile baggage

Fragile and valuable baggage should be generally transported as hand baggage. If this is not possible, the baggage should be packed carefully. Checked-in musical instruments should for instance be packed in a hard-case – and sharp objects should be packed so that they cannot penetrate the bag and injure other persons or other baggage.

Damage to fragile or valuable baggage carried in the cargo compartment will not be reimbursed.


Please note that on other airlines there may be different rules (if you have a connecting flight).