Travelling with pets

If you want to bring your pet on the flight, please book the service at least 48 hours before departure.

As traveller, you may bring one dog or one cat in the cabin (max. 8 kg incl. transport box) if the animal is in a closed transport box placed on the floor in front of you during the entire flight. Any other type of pet is to be transported in the cargo compartment.

Rules on transport boxes on board the cabin

  • The weight incl. animal is not to exceed 8 kg
  • Dimensions of the transport box must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Animals in the cargo compartment

As a general rule, you are allowed to bring pets in the cargo compartment – and here you can bring more than one animal. The cargo compartment has the same pressure and temperature as the passenger cabin.

All animals are to be checked in as baggage and be responsibly placed in an approved transport box.

Rules on transport boxes on board the cargo compartment

  • The box is to be solid, tight and clean.
  • The materials are to be fibreglass, metal or hard plastic and have handles.
  • Boxes which are only made of wire mesh and boxes with a low floor plate edge are not allowed.
  • The animal is to have access to water (and perhaps food)
  • The bottom of the box is to be covered with newspapers or sawdust. (Hay or straw is not allowed).
  • Two animals are allowed in one box if they do not exceed 14 kg per animal.

In consideration of the animal wellbeing, the box must be big enough for the animal to stand up, turn around and lie naturally in it. If the box does not meet these requirements, the check-in staff may refuse to bring the animal on board the airplane.



There is an additional charge for bringing pets on the flight. Therefore, pets cannot replace or be included in the luggage included in the airfare.
Guide dogs, however, always travel with Alsie Express without any additional charges. You must still reserve a place for the dog, though, and it must meet the determined requirements.

Pets in the cabin (dog and cat): 150 DKK online / 200 DKK at the airport
Pets in the cargo compartment in box max 158 cm (9-14kg): 225 DKK online / 300 DKK at the airport
Pets in the cargo compartment in box max 158 cm (from 15kg): 450 DKK online / 500 DKK at the airport

Fee for pet in cabin are non-refundable.



When you are travelling with animals, you need to be able to document the animal’s health on entering and travelling through al countries on the route, ensure micro chip or tattoo and ensure that the animal has a passport when you travel in the EU.

If you are bringing the animal on a connecting flight, please be aware that not all airlines offer transport of pets. Also there may be special precautions that need to be met in order to bring a pet into another country. Therefore, please check the airline guidelines as well as the embassy of the destination before departure.


Due to capacity, there are limitations to the number of live animals and the sizes of animals on board.