Travel with a handicap

Travellers with a handicap or reduced mobility

If you are suffering from a handicap or reduced mobility, you can get personal assistance from the time you arrive at the departure airport until you leave the arrival airport.

We always help you get the best comfort and experience in connection with your journey in respect to your handicap or your special needs. This is done in accordance with safety regulations and EU Directive 1107/2006.

Passengers with a handicap or reduced mobility should be at the check-in counter at least one hour in advance of the departure time.

Book assistance or inform us if you:

  • Need help getting to and from the airplane
  • Need help getting on-board the airplane
  • Use a wheelchair – irrespective of whether it is electric or foldable
  • Need to bring an oxygen flask on to the airplane
  • Bring a guide dog
  • Have reduced eyesight or hearing
  • Suffer from allergies which may be aggravated during the flight


Book assistance
You book assistance simultaneously when booking your ticket. If you have not booked assistance in this connection, please contact Alsie Express  no later than 48 hours prior to departure.