At the airports, passengers with a handicap or with reduced mobility, are offered additional facilities, as well as travelling possibilities which meet their individual needs.

The airports have established special parking spaces for handicap vehicles. These spaces are placed close to the airport terminal entry. If you need help in getting from the parking area to the airport terminal, just phone the number provided on the signs posted next to the spaces.

Terminal building
The airport terminal is furbished to ensure that you find your way easily.

When you approach the terminal entrance the glass sliding doors will remain open for as long as it takes for you to pass through them.

In the terminal building, there are easily accessible toilets which are specially equipped for wheelchair users.

The airport makes available a number of wheelchairs which can be used freely by handicapped persons and persons with reduced mobility.

Security control
Passengers with a handicap or with reduced mobility are similar to other passengers and need to go through a security check. The security staff will perform the check with consideration of your handicap.

Lifting up and down
The airport has special lifts equipment as well as staff specially trained to lift handicapped passengers and serve passengers with reduced mobility. The service is offered on request and without additional charge – and is offered to anyone with a requirement for the lifting service. The airport should be made aware at least 48 hours before departure.

On board
Once you have been helped on-board the airplane, staff from Alsie Express will ensure that your flight is as pleasant as possible. At Copenhagen Airport, staff from Falck will assist you off the airplan and further through the departure terminal. It is possible to have assistance all the way to your further transport – irrespective of whether it is car, taxi, metro, bus or train.