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Copenhagen is Denmark's capital and, with 1,308,893 inhabitants, is the country's largest urban area.

The history of Copenhagen can be traced back to around 800, where there was a smaller fishing village where the city center is now. From the 1300s Denmark became the richest and most significant of Denmark - a status it has maintained ever since.

The oldest and most famous theater in the capital is the Royal Theater founded in 1748 at the end of King Nytorv. Since its foundation, the theater has been the national stage for theater, plays, opera and ballet. For free entertainment you can go for a walk up to Strøget, especially between Nytorv and Højbro Plads, which turns into an improvised trekking circus with musicians, magicians, jugglers and other street performances in the late afternoon and evening.

The largest concentration of cafes is in Indre By, Osterbro and Vesterbro. With the opening of Café Sommersko in 1976, the cafe culture really came to Copenhagen, and now there are over 300 cafes spread throughout the city. Copenhagen nightlife is centered around Indre by, Norrebro and Vesterbro, among other things. Laurit's Valet, Nasa, Rust and Weigh.