When travelling with Alsie Express between Sonderborg and Copenhagen, it's free seating.

Seating on the route between Sonderborg and Copenhagen:
You can only choose your seat once you have boarded the aircraft.
It is generally not possible to book a specific seat on the plane prior to departure.
We also generally recommend that you occupy the seats from the rear end forward.
If, for any particular reasons, you would like to use a certain seat in the plane, please inform the cabin crew and they will attempt to meet your request.

Seating on the route between Sonderborg and Bornholm:
It’s possible to reserve your favorite seat in advance. You can do this from our website (login to your booking). The price for this is 49,- dkk (aprx. 7EUR) per person per one-way.
If you choose not to reserve a seat in advance,  a seat will be assigned to you at check-in.

Consideration is always made for placing of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility.


Seatmap for ATR-72 from Alsie Express