Security Control

You always need to pass through security control, no matter which airport you fly from. In order to pass through the security control, you need to be able to show your boardingpass.

When passing through security, your jacket and belt, if any, are to be passed through the x-ray machine separately – just as your mobile phone, laptop computer, keys and wallet or similar. Please also be aware that you are only allowed to bring one lighter, and this cannot be stored in the hand baggage but needs to be carried close to your body.

Always follow the directions of the security personnel – remember that they work on-behalf of your security. Security staff are obligated to reject objects which they deem threatening to the flight security.

All baggage and hand baggage are controlled for objects, according to the safety regulations from the Danish Transport Authority, which may represent a threat during the flight.

Read more about the security control in Copenhagen here

If you are in doubt – please always feel free to contact Alsie Express  or the staff at the check-in counter.