Delayed or Cancelled flight

For security reasons, a flight may be delayed or cancelled. We will inform you and keep you up-to-date with new or alternative departures.

For compensation reasons, all airlines recommend that you meet at the airport at the planned check-in time, even if the flight is expected to be delayed. This applies unless your airline informs you otherwise.


If your flight is more than two hours delayed, Alsie Express will generally offer reimbursement of reasonable costs, such as for food/beverages bought in the airport during this waiting time.



If your flight has been cancelled we offer to rearrange your travel to the destination, as well as to refund any costs incurred in connection with the waiting time; such as food/beverages, transport and any overnight stays.

If you would prefer to cancel your ticket as a result of a flight cancellation, you will naturally be fully reimbursed the price of your unused ticket for that specific departure. In such an event, please contact Alsie Express .

In the event of a flight cancellation the staff will keep you informed, in addition being available to answer your specific queries with regards to the cancellation.


Alsie Express observes EU Regulation 261/2004 in connection with delays and cancellations.