Children travelling alone

Alsie Express offers to assist your child or your children during the entire journey – from when you leave them in one airport until they are picked up by someone they know at the other airport.

In certain cases, it is necessary for children to travel without the company of their parents or another adult (minimum 16 years of age) whom the child knows. The assistance is to be booked before departure from Alsie Express .

Age limits:

Children under the age of 5
It is not permitted to let children under the age of 5 to travel with Alsie Express without the accompaniment of an adult.

Children at the age of 5-11
All children between the ages of 5-11 who are travelling alone must be accompanied by an assistant which requires to be pre-booked with Alsie Express.

Children at the age of 12-15
Children between the ages of 12-15, are able to decide if they wish to use the Alsie Express assistance or not.



1. The assistance is to be booked at least 48 hours before departure to ensure we have the necessary staff available for your child or your children.

2. Handling form (Download)
Before handing your child to the assistance service at the airport, please fill out a handling form. This can be done at home by downloading the document from here, or it can be done at the counter when you check-in. The handling form is your documentation of your child being assisted by an adult for the entire journey, as well as being handed over to the right person on arrival.

3. Handing over the child
You and your child must check-in at the counter no later than 45 minutes before departure (in Sonderborg as well as in Copenhagen), both showing valid ID and dropping off any baggage. After this, the personal assistant will take your child by the hand – all the way until your child is handed over to the person registered in the handling form.

Note: you must remain in the airport until the plane has taken off. After take-off, the information screens will state: “Departed” next to the relevant flight number and departure time.

How we will assist your child

Our stewardesses are trained to and experienced in assisting children on the flight. Apart from helping the child with the practical details on the travel, they will make sure that the child is safe and well.

When the child is handed over to the check-in staff, the personal assistant will help the child through security, to the gate and boarding the plane. On-board the plane, the stewardess will take care of the child and make sure they are comfortable during the entire travel. The child will be offered something to drink.

After landing, the child will be helped off the plane and handed to the person listed on the handling form.

Remember to bring your ID for when the child is picked up. Without a valid photo ID, the child will not be handed over.


If the plane is delayed

If the plane is delayed, please as starting point stay at the departure terminal with your child until 45 minutes before new planned departure.
We will make sure that persons on the handling form are notified of any additional changes and necessary details.