CO2 Politik

As it is evident that global climate change is a mutual responsibility for the population of earth, every human being has the obligation to mitigate the unnecessary use of nature resources in all aspects.

Aviation worldwide is aware of the responsibilities caused by, but not limited to the CO2 (carbon) emission from aircraft transport. We as a company find it appropriate to formulate a policy on this important topic.

Air Transport is an essential part of Europe´s transport network and is an innovative industry that drives economics and social progress, connects people and Cultures, provides access to global markets and generates trade and tourism.

Within the 27 EU Member States (EU27), air transport accounts for 26,74% of the total export value, compared to rail 1,6% and road 21,5% (ERA)

Aviation in general is emitting 2% of all global CO2. Business aviation are as low as 0,04% of the global emission, and Danish domestic flights cover 0,29 % of the total CO2 emission in Denmark and 1 % of the emission of the transport sector in Denmark.

For many years, we have already complied with the European Carbon Trade and quota regulations. It is a system where we buy the rights to emit CO2 and the overall goal of this system is reduce the emission. However, it is only European, so from 2020 and onwards we will further implement the global CORSIA regulations aiming to limit the CO2 emission at 2020 level.

For many regions air transport is the only option to connect to the capital and main international hubs making it possible to have production plants in remote regions giving prosperity and adding new jobs.

We are operating ECO-designed ATR 72-500 with a light construction structure, optimized speed and engines designed for short sector operation. ATR aircraft offers the lowest fuel consumption and lowest operating cost as it is designed specially to operate short distances. ATR´s PW 127 turboprop engines consume 40% less fuel than similar sized regional jets (2,6 l/100 km for a 550 km trip on a per seat basis) in their segment. It is perfectly suited to open and explore new routes with the lowest environmental footprint.

We are member of BDL an association of Air Transport Trade Companies and Airports

  • We are aware of our responsibility to reduce the emission of CO2 into our environment. Until now the emission rate has been reduced with 30% since 1990. The ambition is to be 100% CO2 neutral not later than 2050.
  • We are CO2 off-setting 100% of our domestic air travel by the end of 2020 in a cooperation with the Danish Company “Growing Trees” primarily in Denmark in order to comply with the new Danish Climate law 2020. For more information please visit
  • We are reducing the CO2 emission from all air transport origin from Denmark by 30% in 2030
  • In the longer perspective we are seeking new types of biofuels. We will support research and development projects leading to high availability of sustainable fuel.  We are partner of the HORISON 2020 FLEXI- GREEN FUEL PROJECT in cooperation with SDU in Aalborg to lower the emission rates and we are working together with the aircraft manufactures to find new technology solutions for engines and airframes.
  • The Danish government has announced 13 Climate industry partnerships of which aviation is 1. Before 1st. of march 2020 BDL will on behalf of the industry pass on inputs to solutions on the long-term perspective. The strategy is to join forces and strongly, with the inputs from the industry force development of new technologies and growing tree projects to change our industry carbon footprint by developments which will also support Danish hopes for keeping our Green Environments.
  • We will comply with the rules and regulations stated by the Danish Climate Law and amended from time to time. For our Danish domestic production, we are committed to support offsetting projects primarily in Denmark.
  • We are supporting the United Nations Sustainability Development on the following goals. UN 6 Clean Water and sanitation, UN 13 Climate Action UN 15 Life on land.

24 Air Transport Companies and Airports in Denmark have signed a trade agreement dated February 2019 with above strong intentions. It is a common goal that a climate surcharge if announced primarily should be paid to a national fund to secure that assets are used for the sole purpose to enable the development of biofuels and growing trees locally.

We will offer our customers the possibility to top, offsetting on a voluntary basis. The collected amounts will be passed on directly to the Climate program chosen for the transporting year.

We expect the amount of CO2 to be covered in 2020 is the emission of 4.800 ton CO2 ATR production

The airline is participating in CORSIA PLAN (a global carbon offsetting scheme)

  • All operators need to monitor, verify and report their emissions on all international flights from 1. Jan 2019
  • Operators will be required to purchase “emission units” to offset the growth in CO2 emissions from the routes covered by the scheme

79 states are included in CORSIA. 80% of the international aviation growth  the CO2 will be offset post 2020

CORSIA scope is intend to offset the growth in emission from international aviation



What else do we do.

At our home base the change from oil heating to central heating from the city waste plant; waste management in general and reuse of rain water for aircraft wash has been key factors in our environmental responsibility. One of the hangars we use in Billund is almost 100% carbon neutral as it has its roof covered with solar cells. Further actions on these topics will be considered as opportunities arise.

In our day-to-day operation we shall strive to minimise carbon emission by optimising the routing for the flights, minimising fuel consumption by choosing the optimum speed and plan for green approaches.

Using organic materials and food wherever possible in our inflight service concepts

We will urge our suppliers and cooperation partners to join us in the work for the environment, but first of all we will strive to offer a safe and comfortable travel solution for our customers and to be an environmental engaged place to work.