Cancellation Protection – Illness

It's possible to buy a cancellation protection for DKK 69 per person (EUR 10,-).

This protection must be bought together with your ticket and cannot be added later.

The following will be covered by the cancellation protection:

If you or your immediate family develop an acute illness, have an accident or dies.
In this context, immediate family shall be defined as the spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, father, mother and parents-in-law of the person protected or persons living together with the person protected in a relationship similar to marriage or anyone travelling with you under your reservation. Everyone listed in your reservation must take out a cancellation protection in order to benefit from it in case of illness.

The following will not be covered by the cancellation protection:

  • Costs that are covered by other cancellation protection or other insurance
  • Fear of flying
  • Complications due to self-elected surgery and treatments, such as cosmetic surgery.
  • In the event of any illness, accident or damage known (already diagnosed) at the time when the protection was bought.
  • Chronic illnesses/infections/mental illness, unless the person affected has been completely free from symptoms/disease-free for the past six months as from the date when the trip was booked.
  • In case of illness, accident or other complications caused by pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Use of alcohol, other drugs, sedatives or narcotics.
  • Expenses incurred by the person protected in relation to cancellation of travel arrangements.
  • Any additional arrangements related to your trip that are not specified in your confirmation, such as theatre tickets, etc.

The cancellation protection must be taken out when you book your flight and cannot be added later. When paid, it cannot be refunded or regretted.

The ticket must be cancelled no later than two hours before departure in order for the cancellation protection to apply.
The cancellation protection will no longer valid or applicable when the trip has started.
If you wish to cancel your ticket outside our normal opening hours, please send an email to Alsie Express .

We refund only the price of your ticket.

An Alsie Express medical certificate must be filled in by a physician and submitted to us no later than 5 days after the cancellation in order for the cancellation protection to apply. The medical certificate must be signed by an independent physician without family relations in order for the medical certificate to be valid.

Print the form for the medical certificate here

Please send the medical certificate to: Alsie Express, Lufthavnsvej 3, DK-6400 Sonderborg, attn.: The reception or a scanned version by email to Alsie Express .

The amount will be transferred to the card used during your booking.