Ticket types

We offer different types of tickets, so you can customize your trip.
Free Seating Yes Yes Yes
Handluggage (max 8 kg) 1 pcs. 1 pcs. 1 pcs.
Baggage (max 23 kg) No 1 pcs. 2 pcs.
Rebooking * 400 DKK   [0 DKK until 31.09.2021] + price difference. 200 DKK  [0 DKK until 31.09.2021] + price difference. Free
Namechange No 200 DKK Free
Refund ** No No Yes
Cancellation Protection 69 DKK 69 DKK Incl.
24H free cancellation No Yes Yes


* For rebooking, a price difference between the paid fare and the current fare may occur. It is not possible to rebook to a cheaper ticket.
When rebooking, destinations can not be changed. Tickets must be rebooked at least 1 hour before departure.

** Service surcharge is non-refundable. Taxes are refundable, deducted a fee of DKK 100 per ticket. If you have originally booked a non-refundable ticket, and subsequently rebooked for a refundable ticket, you can only refund the refundable part of the ticket. This corresponds to the difference between the fare on the original, and the rebooked, ticket.