Alsie Express Senior is our standard discount scheme for people aged 65 or more.

Alsie Express Senior discounts apply to nearly every departure all the year round and you get the same benefits as Alsie Express travellers with flexible tickets. The only difference is that the price is considerably lower.

You will often be able to find Senior tickets very close to departure, which allows you to be spontaneous. You will only find Alsie Express Senior here on the website.

Senior tickets are ONLY available to:

  • Senior (65+ years): The traveller must be able to present proof of age with picture ID.

Ticket rules:

  • It is possible to change time/date to another date if senior tickets are available. The change cost 200DKK per person per. one-way. Destination cannot be changed. The ticket can be changed until one hour before departure.
  • Refunds are not possible.
  • 25% discount for children aged 2 to 11 who are travelling together with a senior (more than 65 years).
  • 90% discount for children aged 0 or 1 who are travelling together with a senior (more than 65 years).
  • You can bring one bag of 23 kg for free.
  • It’s not possible to book assistance for unaccompanied minor (UM ) for Senior tickets.

You must be able to present valid proof of age upon request from check-in staff or Alsie Express staff. In case of missing or invalid ID, boarding will be denied, and a penalty of 1.000,- dkk has to be paid. If Alsie Express’ rules on senior tickets are violated, the offence may be reported to the police.