Hand baggage

You may always bring one piece of hand baggage on–board, when you fly with Alsie Express.

The hand baggage may weigh a maximum of 8 kg with maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

In addition to this, you may bring a laptop or a small handbag, which can be placed in front of you on the airplane. It is possible to bring larger hand baggage such as strollers and instruments. They will, however, be handed  over at the entry of the airplane and carried in the cargo compartment. On arrival, the baggage is placed by the airplane exit.

There are different rules for the amount of hand baggage you can take from airline to airline. Accordingly, we recommend that you check the rules for the individual airlines if you are on a connecting flight out of Copenhagen.

The following should not be carried in the hand baggage:

  • More than 100 ml fluid per container – and no more than which can fit into a transparent, re-sealable bag of one liter capacity.
  • Guns or similar objects
  • Pointed/sharp weapons or similar objects
  • Blunt tools
  • Explosives or inflammables
  • Chemical or toxic substances
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Hand baggage which does not meet the security requirements will be confiscated immediately.


Please note that there may be other rules for charter flights. Contact the company you are traveling with for further information.