Damaged baggage

If, contrary to expectation, your baggage has been damaged during transport, you should report it immediately to the staff at the arrival airport.

Our partners at the airport will help you to fill in a damage report. It should be sent to your insurance company, together with your flight and baggage receipt. If you do not have an insurance company, the compansation request should be sent to Alsie Express. Attach your bank account number, bank name, original documents / receipts, as well as any receipt for repair / purchase of a new suitcase, if this has been agreed.

Please note that fragile items, or items of special value, such as securities, passports, money, medicines, jewelry, cameras, musical instruments, keys etc., must always be placed in the hand baggage – they will not be compensated.

Alsie Express does not cover damage to baggage, where damage is considered to be caused by normal wear, such as scratches, dirt from other baggage, and broken wheels. It is important that your baggage can withstand shocks and pressure from other baggage.

Alsie Express liability is limited in accordance with applicable national and international laws and rules for checked-in baggage.

Alsie Express does not cover damage to and loss of the following items:

  • Money, jewelry, keys and other valuables
  • Medicine, medical devices / equipment
  • Computers, cameras, and other electronic equipment, as well as games and accessories for these
  • Business documents / personal documents
  • Fragile objects, paintings, perishable goods
  • Mobile phones, glasses / sunglasses, watches, keys
  • Musical instruments, sports equipment and flap / pushchairs, car seats for children, bicycles, fishing rods, golf clubs, skis and other fragile equipment, that are not suitable for air transport, and are not sufficiently packaged in hard packaging.

Alsie Express has the following guiding rates in situations where it is assumed that the value of the baggage is impaired:

  • 30% the first year
  • then 10% per year
  • max compensation is DKK 500, –

If there are questions please feel free to contact Alsie Express