Delayed baggage

If, contrary to expectation, your baggage is delayed it will usually arrive on the next scheduled flight.

If your baggage is delayed, please contact the arrival airport staff. When your baggage arrives to the airport, we shall contact you to arrange when and where we should deliver your baggage back to you.

If you can describe the baggage as detailed as possible – special features and logos, it can help us in the search. The baggage tag and name plate sometimes disappear, so if there are special features in the baggage, such as a book, a special item – something that differs from ordinary baggage content, this will allow us to identify the baggage faster.

Compensation in connection with delayed baggage 

Alsie Express are not responsible for damage and loss, of items that are not allowed to bring as checked-in baggage. These can be fragile items, easily perishable goods, valuable items such as laptops, jewelry, passports, security documents, medicine, cash and keys etc.

In addition, please note that Alsie Express’s liability is limited in accordance with applicable national and international laws for checked-in baggage.

The baggage must have been missing for at least 45 days before it can be considered as lost. If you have a travel insurance covering dalayed baggage, we recommend that you contact your insurance company.

Alsie Express has the following rates, which we operate with as compensation, for emergency purchases (only valid on outbound flight, and only by providing original purchase receipt).

Baggage missed in:

0 – 24 hours: € 0 / DKK 0
24 – 48 hours: € 40 / DKK 300
48 – 72 hours: additional € 40 / DKK 300
72 – 96 hours: additional € 40 / DKK 300

If your luggage is delayed during the return journey, you are expected to have access to the items you need. In this case, the cost of supplies will usually not be covered by either airline or insurance carrier. The amount will only be paid out upon written request to Alsie Express, together with the original ticket receipt, receipt for baggage delivery, and report number for lost baggage.

Our partners will keep you posted on your baggage and contact you as soon as your baggage is found.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Alsie Express or contact your local airport.