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Damaged baggage

If, contrary to expectation, your baggage has been damaged during transport, you should report it immediately to the staff at the arrival airport where you shall be issued with a receipt of your report.

Naturally, you may subsequently claim compensation from Alsie Express if your baggage or its contents have been damaged during the flight. In this case please send your ticket, luggage receipts as well as documentation report (issued at the airport as receipt of your report) to us no later than 14 days after the damage has occurred, to the address below:

Alsie Express
Lufthavnsvej 3
6400 Sonderborg

Alsie Express does not cover damage to luggage, when the damage is considered to be caused by normal wear and tear, such as scratches, scuff marks or broken wheels. It is important that the baggage is waterproof, and in such a state that it can withstand bumps and pressure from other luggage.

Alsie Express liability is limited under applicable national and international laws and regulations for checked baggage.

Additionally Alsie Express do NOT cover damage and loss of the following items:

• Cash, jewelry, keys and other valuables
• Medications, medical devices / equipment
• Computers, cameras, video recorders and other electronic equipment, as well as games and accessories for these
• Business Documents / personal documents
• Fragile items, paintings, perishable goods
• Mobile phones, glasses / sunglasses, watches, keys
• Musical instruments, sports equipment and flap / prams, car seats for children, bicycles, fishing rods, golf clubs, skis and other fragile equipment that are generally not suitable for air transport and not adequately packaged in hard cardboard.

Please note that fragile objects or objects of a particular value, such as securities, passport, computers, cash, medicine, jewellery, cameras, musical instruments, keys, etc. are always to be placed in the hand baggage – and therefore, will not be replaced.

In situations where one assumes that the baggage value is reduced, Alsie Express use the following rates: 30% depreciation of the baggagevalue for the first year (baggage is 1 year old), then 10% depreciation per year – however the maximum compensation is 500, – DKK .

If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to Alsie Express