Oversize baggage

It is possible to bring larger, more or heavier baggage items, than the ones allowed free of charge when you buy a flight ticket.

The prices below are fixed and apply per person. Please note that there may be other effective rates if you travel on with another airline.

Type of baggageCommentPrice per piece
Extra baggage Max. 23 kg per piece and no more 
than 3 pieces per person.
DKK 239
(~€ 32)
Skiing equipment Max. 23 kg. of which the skiing bag 
must not exceed 12 kg.
DKK 150
(~€ 20)
Golfing equipment Max. 23 kg. per piece DKK 150
(~€ 20)
Bicycle Max. 23 kg. per piece DKK 300
(~€ 41)
Instruments Max. 23 kg. per piece DKK 300
(~€ 41)
Expencive Instruments Book your seat, and then contact us by phone. An extra seat (without airport taxes)
Weapons and ammunition Max. 23 kg. per piece DKK 200
(~€ 27)
Pram or stroller Max. 1 piece Free
Wheelchair Max. 1 piece Free


Purchased special baggage are non-refundable!

If you cannot find a category which matches your baggage, or if you are in doubt as to which category your baggage would be in, please do not hesitate to contact Alsie Express .